Supply & Demand

By providing a turn-key solution to both its clients and partners, Highland Cold aims to bridge the gap between the aging cold storage supply and the future of cold chain capacity.

Value Creation

Highland Cold delivers unmatched value to clients and partners through precise pallet-level demand sourcing and strategically located cold storage real estate.


As the American food supply chain undergoes a profound evolution shaped by consumer choices, technology, and sustainability, Highland Cold is at the forefront of driving change.

Partners We Work With

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Objective driven
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Highland works with both end-users and 3PLs to create fit-for-purpose strategically located cold storage solutions.


As consumer habits change, so too does our supply eco-system. Highland Cold aims to deliver final-mile connectivity, while gaining economies of scale.


Enhancing the efficiency of real estate transactions by utilizing our experience and technology to generate and provide the greatest value, increase capacity, and simplify transactions. Highland leverages a solid track record and technologies with the aim of maximizing value for our capital partners and clients alike.


Highland Cold works serves its partners by creating value-add cold storage acquisition opportunities.

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Built for the Cold

Fit-for-purpose Cold storage buildings are designed and built to provide a critical piece of food supply chain. Highland Cold takes great care in providing a customized turn-key real estate solution.

Delivering in 2024 (Q4)

299,427.50 Sq Ft Area Schedule

9,000 Sq Ft (3 pods)

187 Car Parking spots

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The Future of

At Highland Cold, we are driving the future of cold storage through an unwavering commitment to innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to redefine industry standards and ensure your products are entrusted to the most advanced and forward-looking storage solutions available.

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